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  • Text or e-mail By Polish & Co

    Green means go! Text or E-Mail me is perfect for a day of shopping or running errands. The cool green color is soothing and creates a sense of relaxation for the mind and body. Read More
  • The One That Works Industrial Air Purifier By Aerovex Systems

    "The One That Works" Salon Air Purifier will help you to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for your valued nail technicians, hair stylists, salon staff and clientele. It is the only air purifier in production today designed specifically for the professional salon environment. In... Read More
  • The Original Backnobber II By The Pressure Positive Co.

    The Original Backnobber®II is constructed of durable, fiberglass reinforced Nylon and carries a full, satisfaction guarantee. The Original Backnobber®II is used by hooking one of its curves over a shoulder or under an arm and using its leverage to apply firm, deep pressure to knots in the... Read More
  • The Original Jacknobber II By The Pressure Positive Co.

    The knobs at each of the four legs of the Jacknobber®II can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to muscular trigger points and tension. The smaller knobs provide more intense pressure while the larger knobs provide a gentler pressure. Use one knob at a time to press deeply into imbedded... Read More
  • The Original Knobble II By The Pressure Positive Co.

    The Knobble® II is the new design of the all wood favorite. Made of durable polymer with a band of non-latex, Santoprene, The Knobble II gives your hand more power when you need it. Use either the tip or the base for applying pressure on yourself or others. The Knobble II doesn't replace your... Read More
  • The Original Orbit Massager By The Pressure Positive Co.

    You can use The Original Orbit Massager® to give the perfect massage to yourself or to someone you care about. Its ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand while the innovative, gliding action of its freely rotational ball kneads the muscles in the same way the professional... Read More
  • Toe Rings By Snails Italian Jewelry, Inc.

    We've got designs on you! All the accessories you need to create the worlds most tempting and seductive nails. Read More
  • Too Much Info By Polish & Co

    Hot off the press is Too Much Info. Watch your favorite gossip columnist or follow your favorite movie star on Twitter as this hot pink color keeps up with all the action Read More
  • TRANSITIA By Mediniche Inc

    TRANSITIA was developed in conjunction with gynecologists as a non-drug alternative to help ease the transition of hormonal changes during menopause. It is recommended for use with pre-, peri-, and postmenopausal women. TRANSITIA provides three (3) key non-prescription ingredients to help... Read More
  • Trind Cracked Heel Repair By Trind

    This wonderfully perfumed and fast-acting cream relieves the discomfort of painful heels. Rough, dry chapped skin is softened and hydrated. This cream contains alpha hydroxy acids which support the moisturizing effect. Divide an ample amount of Trind Cracked Heel Repair between both feet.... Read More
  • Trind Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover By Trind

    Oil and acetone-free, Nail Polish Remover is guaranteed to leave your nails perfectly clean and ready for the application of any Trind product, or your favourite polish. Made with the least aggressive solvents to provide a balance between safety and effectiveness, you can be confident that when... Read More
  • Trind Hand Repair Cream By Trind

    Trind Hand Repair is a rich, moisturizing hand cream. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy residue. Your hands will look and feel youthful, supple. Hand Repair contains Duo-Liposomes to revitalize your hands. Liposomes are minute sacs used to carry compounds to specific tissue. Trind... Read More
  • Trind Quick Dry By Trind

    Apply one coat on your - still wet - nail polish. After use, wipe clean the rim of the bottle. Read More
  • Trind Ridge Filler By Trind

    Trind Ridge Filler is a base coat, which fills ridges and unevenness in the nail. This results in a smooth, even surface for the application of nail polish. Apply one or two layers of Ridge Filler to clean, untreated nails. Make sure the nails are dry before applying the nail polish or the top... Read More