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  • Salon & Spa Legal Agreements / Contracts By Kassidy's Salon Management Consulting Co.

    Kassidy’s Salon and Spa Management Consultants. As the industries leading authority in “Working Options,” with a proven approach for Business Owners with Employees, Booth Renters, and Independent Contractor. By Reducing The 3 Reasons Why Businesses Can Go Out of Business. ... Read More
  • Salon Iris By RF Data Group

    Salon Iris Software that is uniquely designed to help salons and spas run more smoothly, save time, and increase client retention. Read More
  • Salon Pure Air I By Salon Pure Air

    The Salon Pure Air I is recommended for removing heavy chemical fumes and odors: Including—but not limited to—ethyl methacrylate (EMA), titanium dioxide, benzoyl peroxide, methacrylic acid, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), and acetone. Choose this system if your primary need is to remove... Read More
  • Salon Pure Air II By Salon Pure Air

    The Salon Pure Air II is recommended for moderate to heavy dust and light residual gaseous odors. Choose this system if you are using a gel product or simply would like extra dust collection media. When using a gel product as opposed to acrylic products, you will have less of a concern with... Read More
  • SaQu™ Nail Polish By Innovative Color Labs

    SaQu™ Nail Polish is the ultimate in salon quality. SaQu™ offers exceptional shade selection in 3/4 oz. oversized bottles. With an ultra professional treatment range and exclusive salon formulation, SaQu™ Nail Polish is great for any salon or at home manicure. Long lasting color, excellent... Read More
  • Shadow Tans Airbrush Tan in a Can By Shadow Tans

    A at home way to now airbrush in the privacy of your home or salon. Our unique blend of anti-aging ingredients will leave your skin with a natural golden looking tan. Shadow Tans will not leave you orange and is oderless. Each can provides up to 2 full body spray. Read More
  • Shadow Tans Airbrush Tanning Solution By Shadow Tans

    Shadow Tans formula is made with all natural and organic based ingredients, providing intensive contains a plant extract which has been scientifically proven to contain skin renewal and anti-aging and skin-firming results. It strengthens and reinforces skin tone and elasticity. It hydrating... Read More
  • Shi-Krazy By Polish & Co

    You know Shi-Krazy. Enough said. Read More
  • Signature Drop- in Basin By Continuum Pedicure Spas

    Designed to complement any salon décor, the Signature Drop-In Basin is Eco-Friendly and holds approximately four (4) gallons of water. Clients enjoy an invigorating massage by a powerful dual stream NoPipe™ jet that’s exceptionally easy to clean and sanitize. The basin is made of a durable and... Read More
  • Simplicity and Simplicity Plus Pedicure Chairs By Continuum Pedicure Spas

    No plumbing. No installation. Just plug it in! This lightweight removable tub fills from a standard sink without any hoses or connectors. The tubs elongated design holds the perfect amount of water for a pedicure (1.5 gallons) and comfortably fits a size thirteen foot. Enjoy all the features and... Read More
  • Skin & Body Products By Coty Inc./Sally Hansen

    Of course it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But the outside is almost as important, which is why we’ve created a range of pampering body care products. Sally knows all you need to be radiant from head to toe. Read More
  • Soulstice Nail Colour By Soulstice Spa

    Vegan, 3-Free polish in long-lasting, modern shades! Made in the USA Read More
  • Source Capture System for Nail Salons with Healthy Air Technology By Aerovex Systems

    Our nail salon air purification and ventilation systems have been designed specifically for nail salons. The salon air quality control measures we have developed include Healthy Air™ Technology to remove salon nail dust and chemical vapors from nail technician & client’s breathing zones. Both... Read More
  • Spa Gilden Tree Foot Soak Powder, Kiran Forest, 4 lbs. By Gilden Tree

    A professional size jar of our spa soaks, this natural blend of epsom salt, sea salt and shea butter helps soften feet and hands during pedicure/manicure and helps draw out toxins and impurities. Unlike some soaks, this soak is not drying. Use 1 Tbsp per footbath. Kiran Forest Scent. Read More
  • Standard Technician's Chair By Continuum Pedicure Spas

    A Continuum pedicure spa wouldn’t be complete without a technician’s chair designed to complement our product line. The Standard Technician’s Chair is extremely comfortable and low to the ground (telescoping range of 12-1/4” to 15”). It is available in Black or in Chocolate. Read More
  • Star Nail Soak off gel Master kit By Star Nail Products, Inc.

    Eco Pretty Tough Manicure Master Kit NEW! Eco Pretty Tough Manicure Soak Off Nail Color Master Kit contains 22 of the hottest fashion forward colors PLUS Pink, White, Clear and Base Coat in 1/8oz. each to kick off a full comprehensive color range. Master Kit FREE Items: Soak Off Solution... Read More
  • Sunflower II Nail Dust Collecting Lamp By Aerovex Systems

    Silent yet powerful, efficient and economical, Sunflower II makes your salon a brighter, cleaner, happier place to be! The cyclone system sucks in air pollutants, from basic vapors to UV-Gel Dust, and finely-ground nail powders. A built-in HEPA-Quality filter system cleans the air with... Read More
  • Sweet Carolina By Polish & Co

    Get a taste of the Carolinas with the blue hue, Sweet Caroline. It's sure to entice fans from all over. Read More