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  • Maestro Pedicure Chair By Continuum Pedicure Spas

    The Maestro is simply the finest and most luxurious pedicure spa in the world. Hand-crafted and built from the ground up in New Berlin, Wisconsin. The Maestro features pipe-free jet technology providing your clients with a strong and invigorating massage. Jet covers simply twist off for quick... Read More
  • Magic Bond Primer By DeEnterprises Inc.

    What is it? Magic Bond Primer ensures proper adhesion of acrylic to the natural nail. Non-burning. Non-etching. Non-acid. An industry leader of over 15 years. How is it used? After the nail tip is applied brush on a small amount of primer to the exposed natural nail. Wait for primer to dry... Read More
  • Magis Foil Nail Wraps By Magis Foil Nail Wraps

    Magis Foil Nail Wraps have been developed to enhance exisiting good practise by providing a ready-made product to meet the needs of the busy nail technician. 'Foil Nail Wraps enhance the experience for your clients by speeding up the process and allowing the technician to present a polished,... Read More
  • Magnet Remedies Eye Serum By Brenda Christian Cosmetics, Inc.

    Daily non-oily eye nutrition which contains high levels of bioactive ingredients that work in tandem to strengthen each other, maintaining maximum anti-aging benefits 24 hours a day. Each ingredient is boosted to such a degree of efficacy that the synergistic benefit is immediately visible. No... Read More
  • Mandarin Facial Toner By Brenda Christian Cosmetics, Inc.

    Mandarin Facial Toner is a highly effective, yet gentle skin-balancing tool. It utilizes the combination of mandarin orange extract and witch hazel to take combination and oily skin to the perfect skin pH of 5.5. Mandarin Facial Toner acts as a very gentle exfoliant by utilizing Alpha Hydroxy... Read More
  • Mani•Q Lagoon 101 By Young Nails, Inc.

    A bright teal with shimmer. Young Nails revolutionary soak-off color gel is formulated to be both fast and durable. You can work confidently and quickly with a zippy 30-second cure using our new LED light or 1-minute cure using our UV light. Read More
  • Marilyn Brush By Robanda International Inc

    Redefining the art of hair brushing, Marilyn Brush was designed with the professional stylist in mind. As the first brand on the market to introduce distinguished hourglass design, the brush line has grown to include round brushes for all hair types and desired results, flat brushes, and hair... Read More
  • Mask Powder By Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Vera Co

    Mask Powder For an herbal-aloe skin treatment, mix Aloe Mask Liquid with a small amount of Mask Powder to a thin paste. Smooth over dry, chapped or aged skin sparingly. Mask will dry within a few minutes and should then be rinsed off with Aloe Mask Liquid. Read More
  • Mia Nail File By Duri Cosmetics Co.

    Black super board wet/dry wood file. For shaping and smoothing all types of nails. (7", Coarse 100/100 Grit) Read More
  • Micro-Cad LAB-TYPE - Portable Electric File Set By Ram Products, Inc.

    * Designed for portability and versatility * Powerful, rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack * 3,000 - 20,000 RPM * Operated from battery or wall charger * Runs 5-7 hours on a single charge * Forward/Reverse direction * Variable and full speed setting * High torque motor * Micro-cad... Read More
  • MICROLAB 350 ELECTRIC FILE SET By Ram Products, Inc.

    Microlab 350 35,000 RPM High Impact plastic enclosure Large rocker panel power switch Forward/Reverse direction Hand/foot selection Multi-chuck feature makes collets easy to change Dual voltage input 110 / 230 volts Available in 3 options : Set A - with on/off foot pedal Set... Read More
  • Miracote By Duri Cosmetics Co.

    MIRACOTE -- is a new generation of extremely fast, non-yellowing, formaldehyde free top coat. This unique formulation is designed to dry through the nail polish to the base coat in amazingly short time creating a very tough, durable and magnificently glossy finish. This top coat seals and... Read More
  • Mirco Ultra Nail Machine By Lasco Diamond Products

    The Micro Ultra is sleek and light weight. It is ultra quiet, ultra smooth, and runs at 35,000 RPM. The quick release hand piece allows you to change bits faster and easier. It has a variable slide speed control box with LED indicator, and will run in both forward and reverse. It comes with a... Read More
  • Moist & Shiny Kit By Trind

    Strong healthy nails in just two weeks! Guaranteed! Follow our directions, once a day for two weeks to rejuvenate nails, creating the ideal balance between strength and moisture. Your nails will become more flexible as they become stronger. The Moist & Shiny Kit is simple, economical, and... Read More
  • Moisturizing Aloe Lotion By Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Vera Co

    A Synergistic Blend of Enzyme Active Aloe This synergistic blend of "enzyme active" aloe and nutritional ingredients will moisturize your skin and protect from sun and wind damage. Read More

    MYSTISA TABLE DRILL SET Includes: MYSTISA TABLE CONTROL BOX MYSTISA HANDPIECE Handpiece rubber stand MYSTISA Table Control Box - Available in Pink, Blue, & White with sleek design operates from 1,000-30,000 RPM compact size with illuminated indicators digital... Read More

    MYSTISA POCKET DRILL SET Includes: MYSTISA POCKET CONTROL BOX MYSTISA HANDPIECE Length - 5" x Height - 1 1/3" x Width - 2 1/3" A/C charger (110v or 230v) Leather pouch with belt clip Handpiece rubber stand Carry Bag Under Nail Carbide Bur Large Barrel... Read More