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  • Lacquerize By Beauty Factory (International Beauty Partners B.V.)

    Lacqueriz applies like a polish and has all the advantages of a gel. Available in 120 trendy and modern colours which stay beautiful for weeks, without chipping. Everyone can use Lacquerize. You don’t have to be a professional nail tech to offer this to your clients, because the application is... Read More
  • Lamps By Light Elegance/McConnell Labs

    Light Elegance makes our own UV light! Our Easy Cure light is the most powerful, compact, whole hand light on the market! It uses 3 9-watt lamps and will cure all UV gels being sold! Read More
  • Large Eyeshadow By Innovative Color Labs

    Thirty vibrant shades in a variety of textures and finishes. Our luxurious formula ensures a smooth, "glide-on" application. Generous Pan Size 232 lasts and lasts, and is accommodated by most shadow and blush palettes and compacts. Mouse over each shade for color and texture descriptions! Read More
  • Lasco Diamond Barrel Bur By Lasco Diamond Products

    The Barrel is used primarily on the top surface of the nail. It is also used to file down the free edge. You can use the Barrel to grind away the old sculpture material in preparation for a fill, or to shape a newly created sculptured nail. The Barrel is available in X-Coarse, Coarse... Read More
  • Lasco Diamond Small Barrel By Lasco Diamond Products

    The Small Barrel is a very versatile instrument which can be used on the top of the nail, as well as underneath the nail. Use the Small Barrel to prepare for a fill or to shape a new nail. It is small enough to fit under an average sized nail to clean/remove sculpture material from underneath... Read More
  • Lasco Football Diamond Bur By Lasco Diamond Products

    The Football is used to clean out the underside of the nail and around the cuticle area. It's elliptical shape makes it ideal for working underneath long nails, or for grinding off the old sculpture material around the cuticle when prepping for a fill. The Football is available in X-Coarse,... Read More
  • Lasco Sculpture Brushes By Lasco Diamond Products

    Our sculpture brushes are made of the highest quality Kolinsky and Red Sable, and have natural wood handles. We offer the following styles: #10 Oval, #8 Oval, #7 Oval, #6 Round, #10 Flat, #8 Flat, #6 Flat, Striper, and Detail. Read More
  • Lash+Doctor By NovaLash, Inc.

    Lash+Doctor is an advanced eyelash and eyebrow fortifying treatment enriched with peptides, natural plant extracts and multi-vitamins to help condition and protect delicate lashes and brows. With continued use, lashes and brows are strengthened to resist environmental damage which can cause... Read More
  • Latina Nail Enamel By Innovative Color Labs

    Latina Nail Enamels are a selection of the most popular colors in Mexico, Puerto Rico and The Carribean. Latina Nail Enamel offers excellent shade selection and an ultra professional treatment range. Exclusive Salon Formulation is long lasting, provides excellent coverage and resistance to... Read More
  • Lavender Spa Bath By Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Vera Co

    Affordable Luxury Be refreshed and clean with natural aloe and lavender essence blended for a relaxing bath. Aloe enzymes will exfoliate dry surface skin and deep clean clogged pores to restore natural skin moisture. No product buildup on the skin and no shower grime to clean. Read More
  • Lip Products By Coty Inc./Sally Hansen

    Kissably soft lips are an absolute must for every girl. And they’re easily achievable with Sally Hansen’s nourishing treatments and caring colors. Sally Knows all the ingredients for the perfect pout. Read More
  • Location,Location,Location By Polish & Co

    Have plans? Paint the town red and let everyone know you've arrived on the scene with Location Location Location. Read More
  • Lotion By DeEnterprises Inc.

    These top quality, paraben-free, all purpose healing body lotions are a necessity for every salon. Infused with vitamin e, this protein enriched formula is never watery, never greasy, and leaves skin soft and moisturized. Formulated to perfection for hands, feet, and total body. Read More
  • Luxuriant Cracked Heel Repair By Luxuriant™

    Luxuriant's Cracked Heel Repair is formulated with Natural Active ingredients; Ingredients are clinically proven to help cracked heels, athlete’s foot, itchy, scaly, burning feet; anti-fungal; Diabetic Safe (NO Alcohol); Doctor Recommended. Safe for hands, elbows, and knees. Anhydrous (NO water)... Read More
  • Luxuriant Cracked Heel Stick Soap By Luxuriant™

    Luxuriant's Cracked Heel Stick Soap is formulated Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid. super fine pumice, and Peppermint Essential Oil. In a solid stick application leaves the product protected from wash-away. NO parabens, NO mineral oil, NO petrolatum. Read More
  • Luxuriant Cuticle Care By Luxuriant™

    Luxuriant's Cuticle Care provides needed moisture to quickly repair consistently dry cuticles. This anhydrous (NO water) solid application is concentrated for immediate relief. With deep emollient properties of African Shea Butter and Lavender Essential Oil this offers all day care and... Read More
  • Luxuriant Hands On By Luxuriant™

    Luxuriant's Hands On is a revolutionary hand moisturizer with Essential Oils to provide essential relief for stubborn, dry hands with Shea Butter and Essential Oils of Eucalyptus and Orange. Safe for hands, elbows, and knees. This solid application is concentrated for speed results. NO parabens,... Read More
  • Luxuriant Max Callus Softener By Luxuriant™

    Luxuriant's Max Callus Softener is formulated with Salicylic Acid in an airless pump so you don't waste product! Read More