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  • Kami Nail Art Foil By Kami Nail Art (A Div. of Innovative Beauty Concepts Inc.)

    KAMI NAIL ART FOIL MIXED METALS - Kami Nail Art Foil creates the perfect “mixed metals” finish with any polish color. A smattering of Metallic Gold, Bronze and Purple, for instance, over Crimson gives hands a touch of elegance with the metallic foils casting lots of light. Apply Kami Nail Art... Read More
  • Keratin Nail Restorer By Trind

    The Trind Keratin Treatment is a nail strengthening product for persons with weakened or damaged nails, for example after use of artificial nails or exposure to solvents (nail polish remover) and the environmental pollution. The Trind Keratin Nail Restorer and Trind Keratin Nail Protector are... Read More
  • Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit By Trind

    Trind Keratin Nail Treatment is a new formula based on the active ingredient Keratin. Keratin is a protein that provides strength and moisturizing effects to the nail. Trind is the first nail care company in the world to introduce a nail care solution based on the protein Keratin. This... Read More
  • Kits By Snails Italian Jewelry, Inc.

    All the accessories you need to create the worlds most tempting and seductive nails. Read More
  • Kits & Tips By Light Elegance/McConnell Labs

    Light Elegance makes some of the best kits on the market! Our Pedi-Cure Kit is an awesome deal! For $130 you get a complete kit that will help you perform a permanent pedicure using LE UV gels! Our Pro Kit is the most complete kit on the market and will provide the professional nail... Read More
  • KM Acrylic Liquid By KM Nail Manufacturer

    With KM Acrylic Liquid, nail professionals have ample setting time to sculpt each nail to its natural beauty. Works beautifully in any season or weather condition and no powder discoloration. Designed to work with our Acrylic Powder, as well as others on the market. (4 gallons/case) Read More
  • KM Acrylic Powder By KM Nail Manufacturer

    KM Acrylic Powder, is manufactured with highest quality and finest grain, allowing for smooth flow and easy application. When combined with our Acrylic Liquid, the powder forms the strongest and durable bond with no lifting. Available in several colors, Natural, White, Clear, Light Pink, and... Read More
  • KM Brush On Professional Nail Glue By KM Nail Manufacturer

    KM Brush-On Nail Glue is durable, moisture-resistant, and fast drying adhesion. KM Brush-On is convenient, fast, and easy to use. Works to apply nail tips, and wraps. Repairs cracked or broken nails. Apply like nail polish. Simply brush over the area to be glued. (7 gr./ 0.25 oz ) Read More
  • KM Gel-Top UV Sealant By KM Nail Manufacturer

    KM Gel-Top UV Sealant top coat 1/2oz, 8 oz,16oz bottle and 1gl F-style container. Convenient value, any type of product container. Read More
  • KM Lavender Hand & Body Lotion By KM Nail Manufacturer

    Lavender Hand and Body Lotion nourishes rough, dry skin. The non-oily formula leaves the skin smooth and soft, while soothing the senses with lavender fragrance. (4 gallon per case) Read More
  • KM Nail Glue By KM Nail Manufacturer

    Km Nail glue quickly to the nail and will not peel off. For use with all acrylic, fiberglass, and silk nail applications. (250pcs/box) Read More
  • KM PerBelle Daily Lotion By KM Nail Manufacturer

    PerBelle daily lotion provides complete moisturizing effect throughout the day, with a 24 hours moisture renewal system that replenishes skin for improved elasticity and hydration. Avaliable in 1 Gallon container and 20 oz container. Read More
  • Kneipp By Kneipp USA

    Kneipp manufactures 100% natural bath and body care products as well as health supplements, based on Sebastian Kneipp's holistic, naturopathic philosophy. Botanical competence and pharmaceutical experience, state of the art production techniques as well as carefully conducted scientific checks... Read More