Jan 15, 2013 Gilbertsville, PA:The Pressure Positive Company adds all new aid to daily living device to line of deep muscle self care tools.

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Contact: Renee Gladieux Principe
Company Name: The Pressure Positive Company
Telephone Number: 800-603-5107
Web site address: www.pressurepositive.com

Jan 15, 2013, Gilbertsville, PA: The Pressure Positive Company adds all new aid to daily living device to their line of deep muscle self care tools for 2013.

The Pressure Positive Company is pleased to announce the addition of The Original RAW-DOCK™ Companion Tool to their product line of deep muscle self care tools.

The Pressure Positive Co., manufacturing self care products since 1979 and RAW Health International, Inc., makers of all natural RAW Heat® and Ice® topical analgesics, have worked together cooperatively to bring this innovative accessory device to market for 2013.

The Original RAW-DOCK™ takes personal health to a new level by seamlessly merging the Original Backnobber® II Massage Tool and all natural RAW Heat® and Ice® Roll On topical analgesics into one powerful self care delivery system . The Backnobber® II lets you deliver tension busting trigger point pressure release and all natural RAW Heat® or Ice® Roll On products offer targeted, safe, and the most effective pain relief available in a deep penetrating aloe based gel.

The RAW-DOCK™ Backnobber® II Accessory Tool slips on to the large end of the Backnobber® II and locks solidly into place with a secure, flexible silicone strap. The RAW-DOCK™ will accept your choice of a RAW Heat® or Ice® Roll-On topical analgesic. Now you are ready to self apply RAW therapeutic relief to hard to reach areas of the neck, shoulders, back and hips. Once finished applying RAW, simply unlock the flexible strap. You are now ready to deliver deep self care trigger point pressure release with the Backnobber® II.

Renee Gladieux Principe, Director of Sales at The Pressure Positive Company says, "The RAW-DOCK™ represents well over a year of collaborative effort with Pennsylvania based, RAW Health International, Inc. Our common goal was to create a well made, affordable and sleek product that would allow easy and repeated use by the customer. We could not be more pleased with the results!"

Ross Marino, CEO of RAW Health International, Inc. adds, "When both of our companies formed this strategic partnership over one year ago, all of us were very excited about the potential products that we could develop. The RAW-DOCK is the first product we collaborated on, and we look forward to continuing to bring innovative products to market for all of our customers."

Call 800-603-5107 NOW to order your RAW-DOCK™. Wholesale pricing is available.

2012 RAW-DOCK is a registered trademark of The Pressure Positive Company. All rights reserved. RAW Heat and Ice are registered trademarks of RAW Health International, Ltd. Used with permission.


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